Robin (zanfur) wrote in exegeses,

the phoenix rises from the ashes, once again

After a long silence, I have decided that I would like to try breathing new life into exegeses.

Currently, most of the members have moved on to larger, greener pastures, so this is really more of a reincarnation than a continuation. After obtaining the approval of the previous two maintainers, galith and troglodyteking, I am now the sole maintainer of the community. In the interest of keeping members limited to the currently interested people, and in not depending on people who are no longer interested to de-list themselves, I am removing (nearly) all members of the community and rebuilding the group from ground zero. This is not a hostile takeover; if anyone is interested in rejoining the community, please feel free.

For those of you interested in possibly coming to meeting, Fall Quarter we will be going over Metamagical Themas: Questing for the essence of Mind and Pattern, by Douglas R. Hofstader. To give you an idea of the subject material, "Metamagical Themas" is an anagram of "Mathematical Games", the title of Martin Gardner's column that Hofstadter's column succeeded in Scientific American. The book is a collection of articles, written by Hofstadter, exploring the ideas of creativity, artificial intelligence, the concept of "self", mathematical games, and a dash of chaos theory. Most of the articles first appeared in some form or another as articles in his column in Scientific American, although in the book they are organized and structured according to a larger theme. The table of contents can be found on Amazon's book listing.
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