Galith (galith) wrote in exegeses,

Readings and other buisness matters

Tomorrow we will be discussing two psychology articles, The Case for Motivated Reasoning and What Does Sexuality Orient? A Biobehavioral model distinguishing Romantic love and Sexual Desire. Next week we will be reading two chapters from Ethics for the New Millennium which smirkingjustice will have scanned and posted for us shortly.

For the 17th, troglodyteking has expressed an interest in reading part of Mere Christianity. Or we could read something else. What would people like to do?

zanfur was kind enough to register for us, so future readings will probably be posted there.

We've also changed our starting location. We'll be meeting at Espresso Roma at 6:30 (northwest corner of 43rd and the Ave, 1 block west of Cafe Allegro) instead of Cafe Allegro, because they apparently have better coffee.
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